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Want to get involved? There are many ways you can help out with the campaign.

1) Go door-to-door
Come out and canvass the neighbourhood with me! Or, if you’re shy, you can help distribute campaign literature.

2) Host a ‘Meet and Greet’
Do you belong to a club or a neighbourhood group? Got friends in Ward 2 who want to know more about the candidates and local issues? Consider hosting a get-together in your home or wherever your group likes to meet. I will be happy to come and speak with them about whatever issues concern them.

3) Talk to your friends, family and neighbours
Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth, especially in a tight-knit community like Ward 2. You can also invite your friends to like my Facebook page.

As we get closer to election day there will be plenty more to do to get the word out and get supporters out to the polls. And remember – volunteering for a campaign is a great way for high school students to work off some of their volunteer hours.

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