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I have been a proud downtown resident for over 20 years, working hard for our community through many local heritage, arts, and charitable organizations, and speaking up for you on important issues like the Bruce Street Library.

Now I would like to start working for you as your voice on Council, but I need your help to get there.

This is a truly grassroots campaign, with my support coming entirely from you, my friends and neighbours. However, many of my opponents have very deep pockets, with access to personal funds or outside organizations who will be pouring a great deal of money into their campaigns.

If you would rather have a representative who is effective on Council, engaged in the community, and responsive to your questions and issues, please consider supporting my campaign with a donation.

You can contribute if you are an Ontario resident or carry on a business in Ontario. Donations can be of any amount, to a maximum of $750 per person, and must be from a person or corporation – not an unincorporated business. You can pay by credit card through the link above, or make out a cheque to ‘Jennifer Smith Campaign’ (personal or corporate cheques only) and mail it to: 152 Commercial Street, Milton, ON L9T 2J2.

Your generous contribution will help to level the playing field, making sure that your priorities are heard loud and clear this time, and that you aren’t simply forgotten once the election is over.

I am truly grateful for your support. Together, I know we can restore Ward 2 as the liveable, walkable, vibrant heart of town as we move Milton forward.

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