An unusual endorsement

An unusual endorsement

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I received the following from a Ward 2 voter with whom I’ve been trading barbs and town council commentary on Twitter for some time now. His name is Robb Derkatz, and he runs a political consulting company.

For those of you who don’t know Robb, he is about as different from me politically as one can get – at least in any traditional sense. In fact, at one point I had mentioned to a friend that he would likely rather “chew his own arm off” than vote for me.

It seems I was wrong.

I have always been adamant that partisan politics are completely irrelevant in the municipal realm. As they say, “Potholes know no party”. So I am more proud of this endorsement than just about any message of support I have received to date. To me, this note, and the support I have received from people right across the political spectrum, prove that I am on the right track. We really can all work together to make Ward 2 and all of Milton a better place to live.

Thank you, Robb.

To whom it may concern,

I voted for Jennifer Smith. And I’m a conservative.

And it didn’t kill me.

The reason I voted for Jennifer Smith is that she has proven to me that she is the best
candidate, regardless of which way she leans politically. She loves Milton, understands the role
of local government, has been a fixture in council chambers for the past 8 years and in the
community for countless years beyond that. The last part is especially important.

Jennifer Smith doesn’t just appear every four years. She’s always there. She understands the
issues better than most councillors. She’s a user of many of the town’s services – EVEN transit.
If you take the time to visit her website at, you won’t see lofty dreams and expensive
pet projects. But you will see a vision to return downtown Milton to it’s past glory while keeping
its heritage and highlighting its possibilities. Community centres don’t always have to have
walls, or even an address. The Ward 2 section of downtown Milton should be a destination
again. So many great shops, dining options and people – it just needs a refocus.

You’ll also see a commitment to keep you informed as residents. And yes, everybody promises
that. But do they keep that promise throughout the term? I can count 3 or 4 current
councillors that do. There’s no better way to engage your community than simply by talking to
them and keeping them current. And I have the utmost faith that Jennifer will do that. On the
rare occasions I cannot attend council meetings, I simply look at her Twitter feed. In fact, even
when I am in council, I still follow her feed to see her insight.

Now do I agree with every idea Jennifer has shared? No. God no. But I understand why she has
those ideas. And they are thoughtfully presented, argued for, and expertly defended. And in the
end, if we have to spend our money on the town anyway, I want her ideas at the table. Her
ideas make the town of Milton better. Her voice makes Ward 2 stronger. While the focus of the
town has shifted to southern development, we need someone to fight for Ward 2. I chose
Jennifer Smith, and I’d encourage you to as well.

Ward 2 Resident,
Robb Derkatz

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