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My Platform

My Platform

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A Vision for Milton.
A Plan for our Downtown Core.

I am running to become your Local Councillor because I believe that, together, we can make Ward 2 and all of Milton a better place to live.

  • A place where we can go to work without spending three hours on the highway every day.
  • A place where we don’t have to drive across town just to buy fresh food.
  • A place where we can feel safe walking down our street or crossing the road.
  • A place where our children and grandchildren can afford to live once they are grown.

Milton has been all these things to us in the past, and with your support, we can make it that way again.

Revitalizing our downtown core

  • Grow our downtown while preserving its heritage character
  • Get more people living within walking distance of the core through intensification
  • Develop a Community Improvement Plan for the Urban Growth Area
  • Remove obstacles that discourage the redevelopment of older industrial areas
  • Work towards establishing a multi-level parking facility downtown

Better jobs, less commuting

Walkable, liveable neighbourhoods

  • Ensure that we develop ‘complete streets’ for cars, pedestrians, transit and cyclists
  • Re-assess restoring the pedestrian crossings on Bronte and Martin Streets
  • Create innovative public spaces such as a civic square at Main and Brown Streets
  • Make sure infill development include a mix of residential, retail, and office uses

Listening, and keeping you informed

  • Hold regular community meetings to discuss your concerns and input
  • Respond promptly to all your questions and comments
  • Actively maintain a website with information about what’s going on in town
  • Distribute newsletters and emails with local updates to all Ward 2 residents

You have only one vote for Local Councillor ~ make it count!


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