Working For You

Working For You

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It was wonderful to see so many people taking time out of their busy long weekend to attend my Campaign Launch on Saturday. From friends and colleagues offering their support to folks from the neighbourhood who just dropped by to see what it was all about, it looked like everyone had a great time. We chatted about what was going on in the election and had some in-depth discussions about the issues in Milton and Ward 2, especially some of the proposed developments coming in under the Town’s intensification plan. More on that later.

In the midst of all the talk about policies and issues, I was reminded that what most people in this ward have been craving is plain old communication. To have a representative who will keep them informed about what’s happening in town, and who will respond promptly if they have a question or a problem. In the absence of communication, rumours and misinformation fly, and people find themselves suddenly confronted with projects that are already well underway.

jen camp party -7I’ll be rolling out my platform over the next few months, but I can promise you this right now: when I’m elected and you ask me something, I will find out for you. If you have a problem, I will get the right people in to take care of it. And if something is going on in town that affects you, I will let you know through this website, through Facebook, by email, or by whatever means you would like me to communicate with you.

After the last election, my opponents largely disappeared. I did not. I’ve been out there, serving with the Historical Society and Heritage Milton, attending Council and public information meetings, working with the community and Town staff trying to solve issues like parking on Commercial Street, helping to develop the Town’s cycling strategy, and of course creating Milton’s first Film Festival. And all the while telling people about what’s going on on my website, on Facebook, and through my famous ‘Live Tweets’ from Council.

I’m already working for you. With your support in this election, I can accomplish even more.

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